Austin Lindy Exchange 2016

Austin Lindy Exchange - Nov. 17-20

ALX 2016 - Join us for the 16th annual Austin Lindy Exchange!  All Austin, all awesome! Swing out day and night at the historic Texas Women's Federation of Clubs to 10 live bands.

Promo video by Essam Osman and JP Ardee Navarro. Featuring "Hal Yeah!" by The Jonathan Doyle Swingtet. Special thanks to the Austin dance scene!

The Austin Swing Syndicate is proud to announce the 17th Annual Austin Lindy Exchange!


Austin Lindy Exchange 2016

Swing out in the heart of Texas- our own state capitol of Austin. This year we’ve blown our weekend into 4 days instead of 3. We’ll start Thursday, November 17th, and end Sunday the 20th. To fill in all that time, we've collected 10 local and national live bands. We’ll dance for hours, pause to eat and mingle with the locals, then dance for hours again.

Soak in the flavors of Austin, TX. Dance the soles off your shoes (maybe literally!). Sway to the beat of some of the best bands not just in Texas, but in the entire USA.

Join us! November 17th to 20th! Tickets on sale now!