Austin, Texas

The Longest Running Lindy Exchange!

ALX 2013 - November 22, 2013 to November 24, 2013


Jonathan Jow

Jonathan Jow grew up listening to jazz music during his childhood. He was excited to discover that there was an actual dance to music he so loved. In 1999, Jonathan rockstepped for the first time and has been swing dancing since then. Jonathan wants grow the local Lindy Hop scene, and he’s currently the President of the Austin Swing Syndicate. As a day job, he does consulting for small/medium businesses and startups. This year for ALX, he is the Chair of the ALX Committee (and made this website).

Nathan Malone

Nathan Malone has been part of the Austin Swing scene since the mid 1990s and has attended every Austin Lindy Exchange since the original in 2000. In addition to a number of Austin Swing Syndicate Board and officer roles through the years, he has served on seven previous Austin Lindy Exchange Committees and served as co-chair of the 2004 ALX. He is also an active DJ in the Austin and San Antonio lindy and blues scenes. His goal for ALX this year is to offer an event that showcases the diversity of the Austin swing dance scene, in terms of both the Exchange itself but also the organizational committee. Nathan Malone

Lindsay Chronister

Lindsay has been swing dancing since 2006 and living in Austin since 2008. She is the current Austin Swing Syndicate President and the marketing coordinator of both the Austin Swing Syndicate and Austin Lindy Exchange. These things alone consume most of her free time, but she also enjoys reading, cooking and sewing vintage reproduction dresses when she has a moment to herself! Lindsay Chronister

Kayla Gabriel

Kayla laughs now about those high school nights in her best friend’s room trying her darnedest to dance. Those hips just weren’t moving…. Thank goodness she can laugh about it now!In college she dabbled in dances as diverse as tango and waltz, but Lindy Hop would take her heart. She’s excited to spread the joy, to see you in Austin, and even keep them bodies nourished. Yeah that’s right — she’s got food covered this year. Kayla Gabriel

Laura Glaess

Laura grew up in a little hick town with more cows than people. It didn’t have much dancing, and the only radio stations were country, rap, and country. However, she was always enchanted by the classical CDs her parents had and danced around the living room constantly. She bumped into Lindy Hop, Swing, Jazz and future husband Mike Roberts in San Antonio while at Trinity University. She learned her first swingout from Mike Lenneville and Lani Steffens and, since then, has been dedicating every spare moment (and dollar) to learning more about this amazing dance. She currently teaches internationally and has local classes at The Lindy Project. Laura Glaess

Mike Roberts

Mike has been dancing Lindy Hop and associated dances including Charleston, East Coast Swing and Blues since 2000. He started teaching locally in 2001 and has been teaching on an international level since 2008. Over the years, Mike has traveled the United States and Europe attending workshops and competitions, honing his craft. Mike now regularly manages the monumental undertaking of being both an international dance instructor and a full time worker. His wife is very impressed with him. Mike Roberts


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