Austin Lindy Exchange 2017

Austin Lindy Exchange - Nov. 16 - 19

ALX 2016 - Join us for the 16th annual Austin Lindy Exchange!  All Austin, all awesome! Swing out day and night at the historic Texas Women's Federation of Clubs to 10 live bands.

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs

2312 San Gabriel Street, Austin, TX   78705

Also known as “The Fed”, the Austin Swing Syndicate has held dances here every Thursday since 1999. This is considered the home of Austin swing dancing. New people learn to swing dance here every week at lessons taught by instructors from Four on the FloorThe Lindy Project, and Go Dance.

We owe this opportunity to dance in the grand ballroom to a group of industrious ladies called The Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs. This group started in Waco, TX in 1897 as a literary club. Their interests expanded to include women’s issues, education, charity and preservation.

Henry Coke Knight, a Dallas architect, designed and built the mansion in 1931. It’s one of the best examples of Georgian Revival architecture in Texas. Duke Ellington played a concert at the Fed on April 19, 1941.


Saengerrunde Halle

1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701

Saengurrende outside.jpg

In 1852, German settlers in Austin formed a traditional singing group. On February 8, 1879, the group officially organized as a singing society bearing the name "Saengerrunde".

The Saengerrunde is the oldest ethnic organization in Austin. Scholz Garden, a beer garden established in 1867 by German immigrant August Scholz, became a favorite meeting place for Saengerrunde members. The Scholz Garden property, originally owned by Lemp Brewery of St. Louis, included a dance hall and bowling alley as well as the restaurant and beer garden.

In 1904, the Austin Saengerrunde club leased the property from Lemp Brewery and in 1908 purchased the entire property. Under the stewardship of the Austin Saengerrunde, the combined facilities have continued to provide an atmosphere that encourages members and guests to preserve and enjoy the German heritage.